Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hindi Poems by Surdas

Hindi Poem 1

प्रभू मोरे अवगुण चित न धरो ।

समदरसी है नाम तिहारो चा पारस गुण अवगुण नहिं चितवत कंचन करत खरो ॥

एक नदिया एक नाल कहावत मैलो ही नीर भरो ।

जब दौ मिलकर एक बरन भई सुरसरी नाम परो ॥

एक जीव एक ब्रह्म कहावे सूर श्याम झगरो ।

अब की बेर मोंहे पार उतारो नहिं पन जात टरो ॥

English Translation

Lord, heed not my faults!

You are known as he who sees as all equal,

At will you can take me across the ocean of existence.

One iron is used in worship, another in butcher's steel;

The philosopher's stone counts not merit or fault

But turns both to purest gold.

One is called "river", another a "rivulet" filled with murky water;

When they merge they become of one colour and are known

As "Sursari"(Ganges), river of gods.

The soul and the Supreme are given different names,

But all is one in Sur's Shyam.

This time, take me across, or give up your vow to be saviour!


Hindi Poem 2

अखियाँ हरि दर्शन की प्यासी ।

देखो चाहत कमल नयन को, निस दिन रहत उदासी ॥

केसर तिलक मोतिन की माला, वृंदावन के वासी ।

नेहा लगाए त्यागी गये तृण सम, डारि गये गल फाँसी ॥

काहु के मन की कोऊ का जाने, लोगन के मन हाँसी ।

सूरदास प्रभु तुम्हरे दरस बिन लेहों करवत कासी ॥

English Translation

Our eyes thirst for a vision of Hari;

They long to see the lotus-eyed one,

Grieving for him day and night.

Wearing a saffron tilak and pearl garland

And dwelling in Vrindavan,

He gave us his love, then cast us aside like a blade of grass,

Throwing a noose around our necks.

No one knows what is in another's mind,

There is laughter in people's hearts;

But Lord of Surdas, without a vision of you

we would give up our very lives.

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